Lily is 4 1/2!


Lily you are joy. This time last year we were soaking up our last few days with you before little man arrived. We were stoked about seeing you as a big sister, knowing you would be a wonderful one. We were so right! You have so much love for your brother and it's not just in your words, it's in your actions. You are a servant. You jump at the chance to help us and you do it with enthusiasm.

You are our little entertainer. You love to be the center of attention. You welcome yourself into any adult conversation because you just can't stand to not be a part of everything that goes on. You love all things music and dance, always have. You have quite a wild and creative imagination. You remember everything. You are learning to read. You are hilarious. You are generous. You love to surprise others with pictures you have drawn. You are bright. You are confident. You can be shy sometimes, which we totally didn't see coming.

We think you have your first legitimate crush on a cute little boy named John Tyler. And it might be mutual. The only reason I am putting this here is so we can remember this in several, SEVERAL years when you get married. We are certainly not encouraging it, and I kindly ask my readers that know Lily to do the same :).

You will be FIVE in less than a year. I've said it countless times, but it's unbelievable how fast you have grown. I feel like once you hit kindergarten time is just going to run away from us and it will be your college graduation in a matter of seconds. I'm going to enjoy this last year I have with you before you hit this big milestone.

Lily we love you more than we could ever express to you in words. More than anything, we want you to know and love Jesus.  Always know that He loves you with a perfect love, like no other. He is always working for your good and His glory. Trust Him at all times!

Favorite Toys: Plastic princesses

Favorite Movie: Tangled and Frozen

Favorite Show: Bo on the Go

Favorite Chore: Cooking

Favorite Song: Let it Go (are there any other songs?)

Favorite Food: Hootin' Annies (recipe here) and Beast's Quiche (just a quiche with broccoli, bacon, and cheese from her Disney Princess cookbook)

Best Friends: Laney, Dusti Jo, Davis, Logan, John Tyler, Cooper, and Irianna

What You Want to be When You Grow Up: Police Girl

Mommy's Favorite: Your joy and enthusiasm for all things, your servant's heart, your love for Jesus, your wild imagination

Daddy's Favorite: ditto

Scott's Favorite: When you squeal at the top of your lungs

Biggest Challenge: Arguing and talking back, but even that isn't a big deal. You are usually well-behaved as long as you get enough sleep. You also have become a picky eater, which you used to not be.

Make Believe Friends: Toni is the one you talk about the most. Your relationship to her is always changing even though you call her your sister. I laugh every time you talk about "Sister Toni" because she sounds like a nun or a sketchy psychic. The other sister you have is...get this...Dirt Coconut Scott-Kirkland. You don't talk about Dirt as much as Toni, but she hangs around every once in a while.

Funny Moment: When you wrote "Funny Butt Fart" on Grandma's patio with sidewalk chalk

First slumber party with Laney

First homework assignment

Taking care of Scott

Playing with your princesses

Family band

You still rub your eyelashes to fall asleep

Still working on riding that bike. It's not your favorite thing to do, but we still encourage it! 


Mommy's bundled babies

Those plastic princesses that Mommy spent $2 on. You play with them every waking hour. 

Rapunzel hair. Almost an everyday thing for you. Funny, because Mommy used to wear sweatpants on her head for long hair. 

You are beautiful! And you look really grown up in this pic, by the way. 

With Daddy on Valentine's Day. He took us to the Auburn/Alabama gymnastics meet

Got your shades on at the dentist 

Play, play, play

And play some more

Frozen and licking the brownie bowl. There is nothing else this girl needs.  

Driving with your buddy in Lowe's

With Logan at your first soccer practice. We won't be doing soccer again, ha! Not your thing.  

Where all our warm, dry days are spent 

Mommy Daddy kisses are your favorite 

Making chocolate chip pancakes

Reading to your brother in the early morning 

"Rose from the dead rolls" as you like to call them. You love these so much we don't save them just for an Easter treat. 

In the middle of a sneeze. HAHA! 

Playing Guess Who. One of your favorite games. Also one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite games when they were kids! 

Helping Daddy and TBone with our first garden

Playing with cow poop 

Princess everyday

You and the fabulous Mrs. Connie at award's day. She gave you the kite award for always soaring above! 

Clip on earrings from a yard sale

We celebrated with a donut date! 

And I saved the best for last. All the words you can spell (thanks to your dad) written on Grandma's patio. "funny butt fart fog" 

Happy 4 1/2 years Lily! We love you!


Scott's 10th and 11th Months

And here we are at 11 months 

Let's be honest, the guy is almost a year old, so who really knows if the statements below are true of his 10th month or his 12th month? It's really all running together at this point. I think with the subsequent children (IF that happens, y'all) I'll just give a yearly review. So much easier than this monthly thing. I just can't.

Firsts: Probably some foods that you've never had before (you don't prefer cantaloupe or watermelon), hanging out in our storm shelter, ice cream, stomach bug
News Headlines: Not a clue, I figure if you really want to know we'll just buy you one of those booklets from Cracker Barrel that tell you all the big news that happened the year you were born
Favorite Toy/Activity: Opening and closing things, climbing stairs, kitchen cabinets, brushing your hair, listening to the harmonica (you hand it to us to play for you)
Mommy's Favorite: Hearing you talk
Daddy's Favorite: When you call his name
Lily's Favorite: You are about to turn one!
Milestones: Were you crawling in the last update? You are now. And pulling up. You are very verbal: dog, dada, mama, bye da, dadow, and something that resembles thank you
Weight/Length: 24 lbs
Like Mommy: Finally showing some curls in your hair
Like Daddy: You love ice cream!
Like Big Sis: Very smart!
Best Memory: Your sweet teachers made a memory book of you and your friends from school. I love it!
Biggest Challenge: Getting you to drink from a sippy cup. It's not the liquid or the temperature because you'll drink anything out of a bottle. And you'll also drink anything out of a cup. I have a cabinet full of different kinds of sippy cups that you just simply aren't interested in. I know it's silly of me to even worry about this. I'm not worried, actually. You just have a sister that was able to drop the bottle and formula cold turkey just before she turned a year, and I have the same expectation of you. Sorry. You can take that up with her.
How We Spend the Day: Same as it's been since January.
Nicknames: Scotty and Buddy
Funniest Moment: I'm sure we've shared a lot of laughs lately. You're a pretty funny guy. But forgive me, I didn't make a note of any particular moment that produced a lot of laughter.

Just some young doctors giving Scout the dog a check-up 

You had your first stomach bug and it was BAD! It wiped out the whole family.

Headed to a superhero party for one of Lily's best friends 

The two handsomest guys I know. Your first Easter! 

The sun was a little bright 


But for real...you are a happy guy most of the time. And you have the BEST sister! 

FroYo date with your buddy Parker

Riding out the tornadoes in our storm shelter

Painting with chocolate pudding 

Harmonica love 

First taste of ice cream! 

Getting into anything you can!

Rides in the wagon with your goofy sister

And rides on the lawn mower with your daddy. He's ready for the day you can do this job by yourself!

We love you Buddy! We'll be celebrating your first birthday at the beach!


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