Dear Lily and Scott,

We will have good days. Days that we will remember forever. 

We will have not so good days.

And then we will have those really bad, ugly, rough, messy days that make us all feel like we have failed each other; the days that our sinful hearts are blatantly exposed and it's no question that we need more and more of His grace and forgiveness.  

But we are a family. We are in this together. We will fall down together, we will rise up together. 

One thing you can be sure of in all of our days...

I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you (Jeremiah 31:3). 

No amount of talking back, stomping feet down the hallway, banging on the bedroom door, disobedience, screaming (and all the future mess that comes our way) can change our hearts. 

Our love for you is everlasting. We will remain faithful to you. 

The End. 

Mommy (and Daddy, but don't be fooled...he doesn't blog) 


Just Jesus this Easter

Easter 1996. Lookin' good. This is one of my all-time favorite family pictures because it captures just how much we care about taking quality family pictures. The only person that cares about a good family photo is the man behind the camera, my dad. The people in the picture do everything possible to keep the picture real...hence the picture above. Every Easter for as long as I can remember, there was THE instruction from my dad in the car on the way home from church, "Don't change clothes until we get a family picture." And it's like from that moment on we were all at odds with each other. I think 99% of Wright family arguments are rooted in the question "Can we take a family picture?" NO. NO WE CAN NOT. 

Easter always brings so much reflection for me. Reflecting on all the good things that God has done for me (and that is all the things, by the way).

Typically that's a Thanksgiving activity. Being thankful. It's really an all the time thing, but for me Easter really brings out the gratefulness in my heart for what He's done for me. And not just me, for all mankind.

As I type this, it's 8 in the morning on Good Friday. My family has been plagued with a nasty stomach bug since Monday. Brent and I are much better, but Scott and Lily are completely lethargic and hardly eating. They woke up around 6:30 and both are already back asleep.

We haven't attended an Easter egg hunt.
I haven't bought one single item for Lily or Scott for their Easter baskets.
They don't even have an Easter basket.
No pictures with the creepy Easter bunny.
No professional Easter family pictures.
No new coordinating outfits for us to wear Easter Sunday. We were going to wear t-shirts from Forget the Frock, but quite frankly I didn't have $82 to spend on t-shirts for the family.
We have to be at our home church on Sunday, as well as our families who live 2 hours away, so we won't be enjoying a yummy meal with our families.
I boiled a dozen eggs so Lily and I can dye eggs, but there's no guarantee we will actually get around to dying them because she hasn't left the bed or couch since Wednesday night.
I plan to make resurrection rolls with Lily and Scott, that is if I can get to the store.

This isn't only because we've been hanging our head over a toilet for a week. Most of this is because I'm not that mom. I enjoy making memories just as much as the next mom, but it doesn't take much to stress me out so it's best for everyone that I take the simple route. Just make Easter about Jesus and all that other stuff doesn't have to happen.

I will say that the part of me that wishes I was that mom has felt sorry for my kids this week. Scott hasn't had one taste of what Easter is. Lily missed two Easter egg hunts. There won't be any cute sibling pictures in matching smocked outfits. Or any pictures with a chalkboard that says "My First Easter" written in the cutest colored chalk font that my fingers could never create. We won't gather with family after church to eat and hide Easter eggs.

I have felt sorry for my kids. Like maybe they should have a better mom. A mom who cares about this Easter stuff.


Jesus died. He drank the cup of wrath intended for me. He suffered for my sin. He was perfect, I am not. He was wounded so that I may be healed. He rose three days later. He had power over the grave. Y'all...HE CONQUERED DEATH so that we can be one with Him again.

How can conquering death even bother to compare with some plastic eggs filled with candy sitting atop Easter grass, the most annoying thing ever created next to glitter?

We are letting this year go by without hunting for eggs, but I'm trading my feelings of "I should care more about this. My poor kids..." and buying into the gratefulness in my heart of what Easter truly means.

Jesus rescued me when I was His enemy.

That's the good news. That's what really matters. That's where my focus needs to be. I've never wanted anything more than for my kids to know Him.

It's okay that I'm not that mom. And it's okay if you are that mom.

But for the VKs, no bunnies or candy involved this Easter.

Just Jesus.


Scott's Eighth and Ninth Months

I've really done it now. Combining TWO MONTHS of Scott's first year into one post. And not just that,  I didn't take a picture of him in his chair at 8 months. Who am I? I don't even know anymore.

Even though this is a two-for-one post, I can sum up the past two months in two simple sentences:

It snowed.
You crawled.

That's it, but since I'd kick myself if that's all I wrote about your 8th and 9th months, I'll go into more detail.

This is the best one out of 4! 

Firsts: Mexican rice (you love it, surprise surprise), limas, watermelon, and pancakes; swinging on the swing set in our backyard; Kayla came to visit you all the way from Texas!; snow and more snow all in one week; ear infection; spending the night at grandma's; Winter Olympics; eating snow

News Headlines: The Malaysian plane stuff (ok, that sounds so harsh. It's a big deal and from what I hear the situation is a little sketchy but I have no time to watch TV anymore so please forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject of news headlines). If you really want to know what "news" is going on in our little world I have one word for you...Frozen. That's all I know about right now. Let it go.

Favorite Toy/Activity: dancing...oh my, you are a dancing machine!, chasing balls and cars across the floor, any piece of lent/dirt/tissue/leaves/bug you can find and put in your mouth, books (to chew on), your car, your busy box in your crib, a puzzle that one of Mommy's students gave your sister when she was a baby

Mommy's Favorite: you still squeal and make all kinds of noises, but lately you've started saying "dada" and "gaga" and I love hearing your baby talk! I love that you dance on command :)

Daddy's Favorite: Daddy likes to watch you crawl and get into everything.

Lily's Favorite: She loves that you are crawling now!

Milestones: You are working on perfecting the motorboat spitting technique that you will use for the rest of your childhood; you can play peekaboo, dance, clap, and bonk heads on command; you can say dada and uh-oh (which is really just a squeal) and a random assortment of baby talk-we are working on teaching you who dada is; you can drink from a sippy cup; you are great at picking things up between your thumb and pointer finger (pincer grasp); you can feed yourself your bottle; no teeth yet; crawling; laying down to sitting; sitting to laying down; size 4 diapers; 12 month clothes

Weight/Length: 23 lbs

Like Mommy: You have to be in your bed to get good sleep

Like Daddy: You have a very chill personality. Just whatevs babe.

Like Big Sis: You've started to get into everything, and your specialty is pulling all the DVDs out of the entertainment center. Your sister did this, but we just knew that she didn't start this as early as you. I looked back at her 9 month blog and sure enough...she did start this early. You also like to "read" your books. Reading has always been a favorite activity of Lily's. I have a video of this, but it won't upload :(

Best Memory: Daddy took off the week of Spring Break, so we had fun as a family doing a lot of nothing!

Biggest Challenge: Mornings during the work week

How We Spend the Day: You wake up around 6:30-7 and eat yogurt and 6 oz, nap around 8 or 8:30, wake up and play, eat 6 oz and 1 jar of food around 11, play, nap around 12:30, 6 oz around 3:30 or 4, usually a short late afternoon nap, food while we eat dinner, then 6 oz around 7, bed around 8.

Nicknames: Buddy and Scotty (you know how I feel about this one!)

Funniest Moment: I asked Lily to play with you in her room while I cooked dinner. It was quiet for a while, so I called up the stairs to make sure everything was fine:
"Lily, what's Scott doing?"
"Lily, is he ok? What is he doing?"
"He's just rolling around on the floor?"
"What is he near?"
Lily's lack of description made me curious so I ran up stairs to check on you, which cued Lily to start scrambling about and freaking out. "HE'S EATING A LADYBUG! OH NO MOM! HE'S EATING A LADYBUG? IS THAT OK? IS HE GONNA BE OK?" So, you ate a ladybug. Yum. Protein! Your Uncle Ben did the same thing when he was a little older than you and I was "watching" him just like Lily was watching you...except he ate a dead roach.

Getting your hands on some juicy watermelon goodness!

"Oh, hey mom, just playin' some tunes" 

First time to drive a race car!

You and your sister have the best time together! 

With Kayla, our favorite Texan! WE MISS YOU!!! 

This is what we do every afternoon, assuming the weather is nice. You could swing all day long. 

Your first snow! And it was a big one (by Alabama terms). We had 5 inches. 

Family pic in the snow...Daddy was at work :( 

We had Parker and his parents over for dinner! 


You found where I keep the good stuff! 

I'll end this with my absolute favorite picture of you EVER! 


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