Scott's Second Month

Two months!
Yes, the picture is so not centered. I had two others to choose from but I like this one because he is looking right at the camera. 

Firsts: trip to a water park, beach trip, trespassing (we stayed a duplex at the beach, the people next to us left early and so we welcomed ourselves over to see what the other side was like), family reunion, shots (that did NOT go well)

News Headlines: Y'all, I have no clue. Football season has started. And there's something going on in Syria. I'm so embarrassed, I should know all about the Syria stuff. Brent has explained it to me so many times and it just flies right over my head.

Favorite Toy/Activity: Mr. Crab makes you laugh, you stare at the ceiling fan like it's going to stare back, your floor gym is still a favorite

Mommy's Favorite: your smiles, the way you wiggle in the bathtub...most nights you LOVE bath time so much you just can't be still

Daddy's Favorite: getting you to "talk"

Lily's Favorite: hugging and kissing you

Milestones: You are in size 1 diapers, 0-3 and 3 month clothes, you are holding your head up very well, starting to "talk" and we love it, eating 5-6 times a day taking 5-6 ounces in each bottle, we put rice cereal in your last bottle (per Dr. B's suggestion because you were eating every 2 1/2 hours even through the night), sleeping about 6-7 hours at night, you wake up every morning at 4:30 but are usually not hungry and we spend the next 1 1/2 hours sticking the paci back in your mouth so you can fall back asleep

Weight/Length:  12 lbs and 22.75 inches long

Like Mommy: you have a very inconsistent sleep pattern and have trouble staying asleep

Like Daddy: you love to rock and swing

Like Big Sister: you stare at the tags on your toys, the way you make the "O" sound and round your lips when you talk

Best Memory: our beach trip, and all the times your sister plays with you when she thinks I can't hear her

Biggest Challenge: you aren't really on a schedule yet and I thrive on routine. I remember having the same challenge with your sister and she eventually had a great schedule. I keep telling myself that you will get the hang of it soon.

How we spend the day: Each day is different. You go to school two days a week, stay home/run errands, two days a week, and hang out with just me while Lily is at school one day a week. You usually eat around 6 in the morning. I try to keep you awake after that but it's not always possible. You eat every 3-4 hours and in between feedings you play and sleep. You take your last bottle sometime between 9:30-11 then we put you to bed. I feel like the reason we can't get you on a consistent napping and eating schedule is because our days vary so much. I'm okay with that. You seem to go with the flow pretty well.

Nicknames: Buddy, 75 (as in "seven five" not "seventy five") because you are in the 75% percentile in weight, Scotty 2 Hotty...and let me be CLEAR (but nice) I do not want him to be called Scotty!

Funniest Moment: There hasn't been one in particular this month (at least that I can remember).

How we celebrated: Well, since I'm so late in posting this, I have no clue. Sorry, buddy!

Scott, you have NO idea how much this sweet girl loves you. 

You also have no clue how much your Daddy loves you 

Or how much I love you

First time out on the beach

First ride on a ferris wheel

One of my favorite pics of you and Lily

First time in the to have the ocean and sand between your toes

You have the BEST facial expressions

Your first day of school. Obviously you couldn't wait to get there; just so full of excitement you screamed about it. 
She loves to hold and kiss you

My little hunk 

Just busy talking and doing your "O" face 

We took a quick trip to Nana and Tbone's house while Daddy and Lily went to a football game

You and Daddy on the first football Saturday of the season. War Eagle! 

You and Mr. Crab, your BFF

Is there anything sweeter than your smiley face?

Lily loves to play with you 

We love you forever and always, Scott! Looking forward to seeing all that has changed in month 3 (which isn't far away since your mother is such a slacker with getting your 2 month post on the blog). 


When God asks you to hunt down someone in Walmart and hand them cash

I really need to be working on Scott's 2nd month post. It's such a daunting task for some reason. I had most of it done on September 3 and then somehow lost nearly all of it. I just can't find the energy to type/remember it all again. Such a real struggle, huh? My goal is to do it this week.


I was at Walmart for my weekly grocery shopping and came across a new mom. She was young and it seemed like being at Walmart with her four week old son was not something she planned to be doing for many more years.

She had a list and hand full of WIC coupons. On every aisle she was talking to an employee or another customer trying to figure out what brands were WIC approved. Obviously, she wasn't very familiar with it all.

I imagined myself in that situation with Scott in the grocery cart. I would have been a crying mess. The stress of having a new baby, plus grocery shopping with the newborn, having to strategically think about everything I put in my cart, and probably worrying about money and the future.

Well, that wasn't this mom. She was graceful, kind, cheerful, and showed no ounce of pride as she asked people to help her understand how her government assistance worked.

Her cart was filled with Similac and diapers. While mine was filled with things like organic sugar and coconut oil. I was certainly convicted and knew the Holy Spirit was moving in my heart to help her in some way.

I was next to her as we were both in the dairy section perusing the cheese. If you don't believe the Lord speaks to people you are 100% mistaken. There is no shadow of doubt that He told me to unzip my purse, open my wallet, and hand her some cash.

And my response? "I'll do that, but let me start by telling her how cute her baby is." In other words, that's kinda awkward, God, and I don't to hand her cash in front of all these people. It might embarrass her.

And my next response? This is Brent's money. I really shouldn't be handing out his hard-earned money without permission.  What a noble wife I am. Not giving to those in need so I can hoard every penny my husband makes. News flash, Brittany, it's not Brent's money and he would agree that you should do what the Lord wants with the cash in your wallet.  You don't need your husband's permission when you have a commandment from God. Although it might be wise to tell him what God commanded.

So I did what any proper Southern woman would do...I told her how precious her baby is and walked off knowing I completely ignored what God told me to do.

He didn't tell me to compliment her baby. He told me to meet her physical needs. And all I had done was tell her what tons of people had already said before me.

"Your baby is precious."

I continued walking, knowing that I had screwed up, and promising God if He would let me run into her again I would obey. But, I had all my groceries and all that was left on my list was hand soap. Ya know...on the other side of the world because Walmart can seem like the size of a small country. I doubted I would actually see her again. On a Saturday afternoon. In Walmart.

Honestly, since I was there during the Bama game I thought customers would be few and far between because all the Bammers would be at home watching the game. WRONG.      

I got my hand soap and got in the checkout line. The whole time I was standing there I knew God was telling me to walk back to the grocery side and hunt her down. Find that new mom that is beautifully hiding all of her worries and hurts and offer some help. So I got out of line and walked toward the groceries. God reminded me that all the money in the world is His and it's His to do what He wants. He would have taken care of that new mom and her baby regardless of my obedience. But he chose to love and provide for this mom through me. I'm just a vessel and I was honored to be used.

I walked up and down every aisle on the grocery side. And you know that was no quick trip! I looked for her everywhere. I even walked through the baby section and I never saw her. So I meandered back to the dreaded check out lines and got in line behind a woman buying groceries for an army and had enough coupons to save everyone in Walmart $50. Just my luck. I was so wrapped up in thinking about how long I'd be standing in line that I paid no attention to who was around me. I heard the cashier in the lane next to me ask her customer how old her baby is. That caught my attention only for baby reasons (I was literally so baffled by all the groceries on the belt in front of me I COMPLETELY forgot about the new mom).  I turned around and there was that young, secretly desperate mom standing next to me.

I tapped her on the shoulder and this is how the conversation went:

Me: I don't want to be awkward, but the Lord is telling me to talk to you.
New Mom: Okay. (with a confused grin)
Me: If I give you some cash will you accept it?
New Mom: Umm, yeah. It's free money right?
Me: Sure.
New Mom: I've had someone do this for me before. (she says confused as to why people just hand her money)
Me: Well, it's because God loves you and wants to take care of you and your sweet baby.
New Mom: Thank you.

I was fighting tears the entire conversation. The flesh in me kept telling me I had done a good thing, therefore God will bless me. But the truth is I am blessed, therefore I can do good things. Without Christ in me, there wouldn't even be a trace of compassion found in me. I might feel sorry for her, but without the love of Christ in me nothing I did for her would matter eternally. He orchestrated every bit of this. The hand soap on the other side of the store. Getting in line, getting out of line. Walking through the entire grocery section a second time. Just so there would be enough time for the two of us to stand next to each other in the check out lanes. I pray that God will take my money and use it for more than a can of Similac.

He's good. He is truly good. And he cares deeply for us.


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