The Beginning of Wisdom

I know I tweeted/facebooked this already, but I want it on the blog so I can look back and be reminded of God's goodness.

Two things:

1. I high-fived Lily for obeying me today and she excitedly said, "I'm obeying Jesus."

2. On our way home tonight we were talking about the upcoming wedding of a couple we know (shout out to Gracie and Travis!). Lily thinks we are going to their wedding tomorrow...Gracie, I'm sure you wish that was true :). Anyway, I asked Lily who she is going to marry. Last time I asked her this, she said her Daddy. I was expecting that answer or the name of a boy in her class. Instead, she absolutely floored me and said, "I'm gonna marry Jesus. I love Him." I couldn't believe what she just said, so I make the HUGE mistake of saying, "Oh my gosh!!! That is so wonderful Lily!!!" And of course, she pulled out her OMG police badge and corrected me. Then she carried on to say that after she marries Jesus she is going to live with Him in Heaven.

Speechless. Y'all, you should hear her. It's not just some cute little Sunday school answer. She is beginning to fear God and gain wisdom and understanding of the things of God (Proverbs 9:10). I'm so amazed at how soon the Holy Spirit starts working in the hearts of children. And I'm so grateful for answered prayers that began before she was born. He is working in her young little heart and I KNOW that He has some incredible plans for her life. I love watching His plan unfold!

Pray for your child. Pray with your child. Do it without ceasing. And expect God to move in his/her heart.

Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord! Lift your hands to Him for the lives of your children. 
Lamentations 2:19


A redneck day with friends

Britt and Katie came to visit today. They are some dear friends of ours from Huntsville and we miss them A LOT! We are so very thankful for our time of fellowship today! We let Lily show them her favorite park, played in the creek like rednecks, and ate dinner at Flip Burger/Pink Berry (for dessert) while Lily played with Uncle Ryan at home. The day went by too fast! 

Love love love her! And so thankful for her friendship!


Looks like she just one the gold medal at the Olympics

We rolled up our jeans and played in the cold creek!

Never have I met a couple so in love with the Lord! They truly desire to follow Christ and obey His commands. 

Shorts off, playing in the water. She didn't like it, so she got out and put her shorts/shoes back on. 

Then she decided to get back in, so we left the shorts and shoes (Keens) on this time. Her shorts got soaked...a little bit of creek and a little bit of pee :). She learned today that it's okay to pee in creek water because it's already dirty. Britt also taught her how to skip rocks. 

Now we are going to play the game of "Guess That Butt" 

And one more thing to crack you up (at least it cracks me up). Looks like I tucked in my shirt. 1990's mom. Just need a fanny pack. What a dweeb!

We plan to visit the creek many more times this summer! 


Oh Crap

Lily has been taught that "Oh my gosh" is a bad phrase that we can't use. She is now the OMG Police. Anytime someone says it she politely tells him/her to not say that. She hears OMGs that no one else heard.

Now we have a new phrase to ban in our house.

Lily was sitting on the potty today and kept saying "Oh crap."
{What she was doing on the potty had nothing to do with crap. It's merely a coincidence.}

But I was getting furious! Who in the world is talking like this around MY daughter? Where did she hear this? Who do I need to talk to?

So I asked her.

"Lily, who says that? Where did you hear that?"

"Daddy...when he can't find my hairbrush."

So Mommy had a talk with Daddy.

Happy weekend friends!


My Confession, His Commandment

I have a confession to make...

I haven't had my driver's license since March. The hospital lost it and I have yet to replace it, though I've tried once before with insufficient proof of who I am. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that.

I am going to replace it, eventually, and I am also going to get my passport renewed. Not that I'm a world traveler or anything. Canada and Mexico are the only other countries I've been to. I have no stamps in my old passport so you can just take my word for it.

But I have this itching feeling I'm going to need a passport soon. I'm certainly not attempting to know my future, but what I do know is that the Lord has placed on my heart an unquenchable desire to visit orphans.

The Lord is commanding me to go. I have no clue where or when or how, but He is asking me to get ready. Practically, that means I need a passport.  Prayerfully, I am begging Him to provide an opportunity and give me a content heart as I wait.

So, there ya go. My sweet and simple confession.

He has told you, O man, what is good;
    and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with your God?
Micah 6:8


Easter Weekend 2012

Our Easter weekend was very full this year!

It started with a Bunny Hop at school

Of course Lily loved dancing with her friends!

The weather was perfect...

...for blowing bubbles on the patio!

On Saturday we went to Veteran's Park for the Helicopter Egg Drop. Our church and 2 others put this event together. Together, we stuffed 20,000 eggs that were dropped from a helicopter (not all at once!). There were prize giveaways, inflatables, and the Chick-fil-A cow...Lily's fave. The best part, though, is that over 7,000 people attended and they all had the chance to hear the Gospel! Many people left with a new relationship with Jesus! 

There is an AWESOME playground there, too! 

Love this pic of her!

Nana worked VERY hard with the other children's directors to make this happen!

We hunted for eggs at Papaw and Grandma's house!

Family pic :) 

Lily singing in her new mic from her Easter basket. She also got clothes, a swimsuit, flip flops, sidewalk chalk, and purple bubbles. (We don't do the Easter bunny, but we do give her a basket). 

with Nana at church

Mommy and Lily at church 

After church Lily played with the Meredith's in the church lawn before we ate at Granny Rosie's house

A big thank you to Rachel for taking this pic and the next one! 

Thank you Jesus for Lily! 

I have to share two convo's with Lily that put a HUGE smile on my face and happy tears in my eyes:
At the Good Friday service Lily sat (surprisingly quiet) with us. There was a picture of the cross on the screen and she said, "That's the cross...for Jesus." 
Then, Saturday night we were talking about the meaning of Easter before she went to bed (since she had 3 egg hunts, I wanted to make it clear that Easter is NOT about hunting eggs and eating candy). I asked her what Easter means and said, without hesitation, "Jesus. He helps me to be so happy!" 

I think the older I get the more excited I am about Easter Sunday. I think that's because the older I get, the more I recognize my sin and know that without the cross and resurrection of Jesus there would be no hope for eternal life. I would still be in a desperate and hopeless state and there I would remain, even after death. But my Jesus rose and defeated the grave! My sins are washed whiter than snow and I have the righteousness of Christ and the guarantee of eternal life. 


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