Happy Father's Day!

To the man who:

  • took me to school nearly every day in middle school so I wouldn't have to wake up early and ride the bus
  • also took me to school on the 4-wheeler when I was in elementary school because...well, I don't know why. 
  • made countless early morning trips to the store to get milk
  • An Alabama alumni who paid for my college education at Auburn even though it killed him to do so
  • worked (and still does) extremely hard to provide for his family
  • taught me the proper way to eat a frosted brown sugar Pop Tart (spread butter on top and nuke it for 42 seconds on medium)
  • can fix everything...literally
  • sewed all my buttons back on when they fell off 
  • offers great counsel and wisdom 
  • made sure to spend quality time with me
  • loves my mother more than his children
  • offers free professional photography so we can capture memories with Lily
  • spends time in the Word and in prayer daily
  • not afraid to boldly proclaim his unshakeable faith
  • made decisions with his career that kept his family as his priority
  • a living example of how to depend solely on Christ
  • instilled in me a love for all things music
  • makes the best chocolate milkshakes
Happy Father's Day!!! I love you bigger than the world!!!

And to the man who is the father of my sweet Lily girl and Heaven baby (and Sanibel and our new fish Bicarla)...
  • thank you for your selfless and unconditional love
  • thank you for how hard you work to provide for us
  • thank you for loving Jesus more than us
  • thank you for keeping us above your career
  • thank you for putting up with us crazy girls :) 

We love you!!! Happy Father's Day!!!

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TurlScott said...

speechless...... wait,... no, this time I'll just remain speechless


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