Oh Crap

Lily has been taught that "Oh my gosh" is a bad phrase that we can't use. She is now the OMG Police. Anytime someone says it she politely tells him/her to not say that. She hears OMGs that no one else heard.

Now we have a new phrase to ban in our house.

Lily was sitting on the potty today and kept saying "Oh crap."
{What she was doing on the potty had nothing to do with crap. It's merely a coincidence.}

But I was getting furious! Who in the world is talking like this around MY daughter? Where did she hear this? Who do I need to talk to?

So I asked her.

"Lily, who says that? Where did you hear that?"

"Daddy...when he can't find my hairbrush."

So Mommy had a talk with Daddy.

Happy weekend friends!

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