A Pastor's Wife

So I was called a pastor's wife today in a tweet...

With all the craziness of Brent's job, I immediately called him and asked if there was a job offer he had accepted that I didn't know about.

There wasn't. But it definitely added some much needed humor to our day!

Anyway, here is a link to a blog post that I wrote for Student Life around the time that I decided to stop praying about staying home because I was afraid of God's answer, hence the title "The Fear of Praying".

It's funny how God works things out.

I have a prayer request...as most of you know I teach 3rd/4th grade. The lady that so WONDERFULLY helps me out with the 4th grade has a son who is in the hospital. He fell and hit his head on Sunday. The doctors had to perform surgery to remove a blood clot, and, as of yesterday, they can not get the bleeding in his brain to stop. Please pray for this family.

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Janae said...

New follower, but I'll send my prayers


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