Lily's 5th Month

Lily, we can't believe you are almost half a year old! December 28 seems like it was so long ago. You have grown so much in 5 months. It's amazing to us how much growing and learning a little person can accomplish in such a short time. We love watching you grow and learn new skills. One of your favorite things to do is pet and smile at Sanibel. It's so sweet when you reach out to touch her! You also like to feel her tongue (shh! Don't tell your grandparents). We think the two of you will be best friends when you get a little older. We thank God for you and pray for you daily. We are reminded daily what a blessing you are. We love you!!!

: eating cereal from a spoon, Mother's Day, Mommy's Birthday, meeting Auburn coaches, play in the exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up (or Julie Jump Up as your Daddy refers to it), Baby Dedication at church, retirement party (for Randy Sims--Mommy and Daddy's youth pastor), Field Day, swim suit, graduation party (for Kayla O'Connor)

News Headlines: oil spill in the Gulf

Favorite Toy: You finally found your toes and you LOVE putting them in your mouth!
Mommy and Daddy's Favorite: when you roll your tongue and make the "ooo" sound and when you reach out to play with Daddy's face

Milestones: rolling over, eating cereal, sitting up with less support, eating your toes, playing in your exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up (you can now support yourself enough to do so), petting Sanibel, you are taking your paci more and thumb less

Weight/Length: around 15 pounds and 25 inches

Like Mommy: You are a light sleeper. It doesn't take much to wake you up, especially during the day. Your naps usually last 30-45 minutes at a time. Thankfully, if you wake up at night, you go right back to sleep.

Like Daddy: You are looking a little more like him each day.

Best Memory: 1) The night before Mommy's birthday we didn't get you into the bed until 11pm. However, you still woke up the next morning at 6 am on the dot to eat. After you ate, you cuddled up with Mommy and Daddy and slept for 2 more hours. 2) You love to reach out and touch Daddy's face. You recently discovered his bottom lip and you like to grab it and pull on it. Daddy makes a noise and you think it's so funny!

Biggest Challenge: You can roll over from your back to your tummy with no problem. You get frustrated on your tummy but you haven't realized that if you just roll over to your back you will be satisfied. Many times Mommy or Daddy have to give you a gentle push over to your back.

How We Spend the Day: Mommy has still been at work during May, so more people have been keeping you during the week. The first week was Mommy's friend Erin (who also kept you for a week in April), then your Aunt Katie, then your great-grandparents Mom and Pop, then your Daddy. Mommy's last day at work was the 27th, so now she is at home with you for the summer!!!

Funniest Moment: T-Bone was holding you shortly after you had finished a bottle. You projectile vomited all over his face and shirt. Of course Mommy had to get a picture of that before he cleaned up!

How We Celebrated Your 5th Month: Mommy and Daddy's 3rd wedding anniversary was the 26th, so Grandma Reese and Grandaddy offered to keep you the 28-30 of May so we could celebrate. We spent the day packing up and getting you to your grandparents house. It's Mommy's first time away from you overnight :(

Here are some pictures from your 5th month:

Excited to go to Tiger Prowl and meet some Auburn coaches!

With Mommy and Daddy in front of the Tiger Prowl tour bus

With Curtis Luper

With Trooper Taylor...I wasn't expecting him to hold you since you were sound asleep, but as soon as he saw you, he got excited and immediately grabbed you out of my arms and you stayed asleep! Then he tried to take you on the tour bus with him :)



Sanibel is trying to look innocent, pretending that she didn't just lick you in the face. We know better!

Snoozing with Sanibel

Hanging out with Daddy on your floor gym

This was your first time to play in your exersaucer. Mommy didn't realize until later that the legs could be lowered, so you are just hanging in there!

Look how long you are! Talking to and watching your mobile.

Like father like daughter :)

Trying cereal for the first time. Of course Sanibel had to be in the middle of the action!

Daddy took a turn.

And you are done..not too messy! I don't know if you actually ate any of it. You kept head-butting the spoon and getting it all over your face and up your nose. You would also collect a lot of cereal in your mouth and gag yourself. We're really going to work on using a spoon this summer. Mommy is getting a food processor so she can make you some baby food!

Baby Dedication at church on Mother's Day

With Grandma and Papa on Mother's Day

With Granny Rosie on Mother's Day

Pretty girl :)

Your crazy Aunt Katie feeding you a bottle the week that she kept you. She will LOVE me for putting this picture up!

You and Minnie Mouse

Telling secrets with Mommy

Chewing on Minnie's ear while watching Praise Baby

Kicking Daddy in the chin...you love to kick, especially when you are excited about something!

Sitting with Mom after dinner one of the nights she and Pop were here.

Mom reading you a book.

Pop playing and talking with you.

You, Uncle Ben, and our friend Lindsey, after a scrumptious birthday dinner at Firebird's.

Look who we found at Yankee Pizzeria! This is your great great Uncle Gaston. He is Pop Pop's brother. You are named after their mother, Lillian.

Talking "ooos" with Aunt Krissy Poo at lunch...excuse me, Dr. Kristen Evans. She just graduated with a doctorate in audiology from AUBURN!!! War Eagle!!! She also just got a job offer in SC, so we will have to go visit her!

You and Mommy's friend Jane...soon to be Mrs. Jane Ganey. Jane and Mommy lived on the same street growing up and played together nearly every afternoon.

You and Mommy's friend Teresa, soon to be Mrs. Teresa Chamblee, at Randy's retirement party. Teresa and Mommy grew up in the same church.

You and Ginna Boo. Ginna was a bridesmaid in Mommy and Daddy's wedding. She is going to be a missionary in Macedonia soon!Cutie pie playing again in your exersaucer!

You and T Bone, after nicely sharing your leftovers with his face.


Happy Three Years :)

Who knew back in 5th grade when I played MASH that I would actually marry one of the boys I always wrote down for my husband? Who knew that when I played LIFE in 7th grade that the boy I imagined was driving my mini van would actually drive my mini van with our daughter in tow?

Today marks mine and Brent's third wedding anniversary. I know 3 years isn't much to talk about in the grand scheme of things, but the past 3 years have been so crazy and unpredictable that it feels like a lot longer (in a good way). We've experienced a speedy and completely unexpected move from Fort Myers back to Alabama, we (mostly I) have been through SEVERAL job changes, and now a baby. Thankfully, I finally feel like our lives are starting to settle down a little more. Maybe that's because for the first time since I graduated from college I will have the same teaching position next school year and won't have to spend my summer looking for a job. Not sure what that feels like, but I'm sure it will be nice :)

Here are a few of the thousands of reasons why I love Brent:
1. He is always patient with me...and there's no exaggeration there. ALWAYS.
2. He makes me laugh until my sides hurt and I can't see for the tears in my eyes.
3. His favorite time with Lily is when she is fussy and needs to be rocked to sleep. (C'mon girls, how many guys want to be with a fussy baby? Very few).
4. He likes to go with me to the grocery store just so he can spend time with me.
5. He likes to cook in the kitchen with me, even if it's just mac n cheese.
6. He understands that Lily is OUR child and he shares responsibilities with me willingly, lovingly, and with initiative.
7. He loves me unconditionally. This is super important to me because I can be a brat. Just ask anyone in my family and they will quickly agree.
8. It takes a lot to make him angry and raise his voice. It rarely happens.
9. He brings out the best in me.
10. We are on the same page about everything--parenting, money, family, priorities, etc.
11. He reads blogs, articles, and websites and keeps up to date on the latest electronic/technology products and reviews. I don't care for it, but I love that he does.
12. He is a HARD worker. He gives 110% to everything he does.
13. He is selfless and sacrificial.
14. He is constantly thinking about his Christmas wish list for next year.
15. He would lay down his life for his family.
16. He calls me Bjean (short for Brittany Jean, not Billie Jean)
17. Most importantly...he loves me like Christ.

Happy Anniversary Brent! I love you!


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