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He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. 
Colossians 1:17

I love to reflect and remember how God has been involved in every detail of my life, even the things that I think don't matter to Him. God is all-knowing and is intimately involved in all that goes on in my life. April of 2007 was a busy month for me. I was finishing up my internship, making final wedding plans, pursuing a career in Fort Myers, lingerie shower, going on a trip to the beach with my best girlfriends from AU, and my grandfather was very sick. I truly believe that God works for the good of those who love Him. But if we think it stops there, we've missed the point. He works for our good so that we, in turn, will give Him the glory for what He has done in our lives. We can't forget to give Him the honor for the blessings in our life. On  Saturday, April 14th, I had my lingerie shower in Auburn. I specifically remember choosing that weekend because we were out of school on the 16th and I would be able to stay in Auburn and relax (I had been going home literally every weekend that semester getting ready for the wedding, so staying in Auburn for the weekend was a big deal). After the shower, I decided instead to drive home Sunday morning and spend the night. Sunday night we went to my grandparent's house. My grandfather was very ill and was lying in his hospital bed in his bedroom. I remember visiting with him, hugging him and holding onto his hand as he said "I love you shug", knowing that it would be the last time I would see him. I didn't try to deny it, I knew that he would be going to meet his Savior that week. I returned to Auburn on Monday and it was back to my routine Tuesday morning. I told my cooperating teacher about my grandfather's situation just so she would have a heads up in case I didn't return that week. That night, my dad was passing through Auburn and he took me to Longhorn's for dinner. We were talking about Pop Pop and I told him that, although it may be selfish, I didn't want his death and funeral arrangements to interfere with the Lee County Schools job fair in Fort Myers the following week. Dad assured me that, first of all, I wasn't being selfish and second of all, Pop Pop wouldn't live past Wednesday. Sure enough, I was headed to the tanning bed after school on Wednesday and Dad called me to tell me that Pop Pop was really not doing well. We hung up, I called Brent to let him know, and Dad called me back less than a minute later to let me know that Pop Pop was gone. So after a meal over Chick-fil-A with Kristen and Allison, I packed up my things. My original plan was to head home after school on Thursday. I had to make up any days that I missed, so I was trying to keep that to a minimum. My cooperating teacher wouldn't let me stay. She knew I needed to go on home and she said she wouldn't mention this to my advisor. I actually got home in time to go to the funeral home with my family to plan the funeral. The visitation and funeral were on Friday and I returned to Auburn on Sunday night. The following Wednesday, I flew down to Fort Myers to attend the job fair on Thursday. The job fair started at 9 and was supposed to last until 4. This is the part that gets me every time I think about it...one of the pastors at my church in the Ham has a sister that is a principal in Fort Myers. He told me about this and offered to put in a few good words for me. She was the only principal I interviewed with that day and she offered me a job. At 10:00, after only an hour of "meet and greet" time, I walked out of the conference center with a signed contract in hand to teach 4th grade at Mirror Lakes. How random is that? Don't tell me it's just a coincidence. It wasn't coincidence at all. It was random enough for me to be moving to Fort Myers, but even more crazy that there was a principal there that I had a connection with. God's hands were all over that situation. It still amazes and humbles me. You may think that it's nothing to get all excited about, but I think it's clear evidence of my loving God taking care of my every need. And to this day, I wonder, why did God even bother to give me that job if he knew that less than 2 months later, I would be walking into her office to get out of my contract? It's simple--so that I can know and understand the Provider of my every need. I have no reason to ever doubt His provision over my life because He has made it clear to me that He takes care of all the details. Yes, He could have not given me a job, but then I would have missed out on the blessing of knowing I can trust Him. On Friday, I flew to North Carolina then Birmingham, drove to Auburn to pick up Allison, Ashley, Rebecca and Jessica, then drove to Gulf Shores. Whew...what a week and a half! And I'm sorry for the long blog...but for me, it's in all those details that I marvel at God. 


Add this to the list...

...the list of things I say wrong. 

Well, I don't say this one wrong, I just had an epiphany tonight. I don't consider myself to be an air head or a ditz, sometimes I just don't catch on to things quickly or things make sense WAY after the fact. I went to Chick-fil-A tonight to show support for my church's new school, 10% of my check went towards the school (so that means that Brent and I gave a whopping $1.20 to the school, but hey, it's more than they had before). For some reason, Mary called it "Chicken Fil A" instead of Chick-fil-A.  Literally, a light came on in my head and it was written all over my face that I had just figured something out. The "fil A" in Chick-fil-A is supposed to be "filet" like a filet of chicken. Wow. I had no idea. And it's not like I didn't know what "fil-A" was supposed to be, I just never gave the name enough thought to realize that it's "filet" spelled in a funky way. I just thought Chick-fil-A was a creative name that Mr. Truett came up with. Never made the connection between Chick-fil-A and a filet of chicken. But, I don't feel that dumb. Mary didn't know what a filet was. She thought it meant a lot of chicken or a row of chicken. They say you learn something new everyday...I guess this is my sad attempt to learn something new today. 

The Something Revealed

Gus finally received his Something today. We sent it to the church so that my mom (they work together) and others could watch him open the mystery box. Here are the pics. 

I'm not so sure Gus will be getting much use from his brand new Wine Thermometer, especially while at work at church. But at least he can say he has one. If he ever finds the need to enjoy wine at the right temperature, he's got the tools. All he needs is a bottle of wine. 


Oh praise the One Who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!

My grandfather passed away two years ago this month, April 18th to be exact. He is the closest loved one of mine that has passed away in my lifetime. I am daily reminded of him, but of course I am more reminiscent, nostalgic and emotional on the 18th.  If you've lost a loved one, you know this feeling. I am amazed and humbled by the providence of God and how He cared for my grandfather and grandmother even to the point of his death and continues to care for my grandmother. Pop Pop was able to peacefully leave this earth in the comfort of his home with his loving wife by his side. His death helps me truly grasp Easter.  When he died, the relatives and friends he left behind didn't benefit from his death save wonderful memories and the promise of joining him again in Heaven. However, when Christ died, we gained everything and the promise of the death of the Savior is so much greater. Christ didn't die of old age and he didn't die from a physical disease. He died at a mere 33 years for one purpose only, to glorify the Father in doing His will. His will was to allow His only Son to die and bear the sins of many people. I'm sure he left some memories to his mother, the disciples, and others that knew him well. But that is not the point. He left behind the blood that has the power to save me. He, who had NO sin, was PERFECT in every way despite every temptation, took on ALL my sin--past, present, and future--so that I may take on his righteousness, so that God can look at me and see perfection in me because of His Son. I have to look at Easter as the death of me, the death of the sin inside my filthy heart. Yes, I will still sin because I have not attained perfection and won't until the day I see My Father face to face. However, the day Christ died for my sins was the day sin lost its dominion over me. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me and gives me the power to flee from sin. I have died, I died thousands of years ago on a hill far away, and I no longer live, but it is Christ that lives in me and I live that life by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. There is NOTHING I did to deserve or gain my salvation and there is NOTHING I can do to lose my salvation. I am sealed by the blood of the Lamb. He took on the pain...the pain that I cannot imagine bearing...and I got to take on his righteousness. Fair trade? By no means. But it wasn't about being fair, it wasn't about him or me at all, it was about completing the will of His Father. It was about one sacrifice that saved many from the punishment of their sins. Praise be to God that he chose me! Praise be to God that He called my name and drew my heart near! Praise be to God that my name is engraved on His nail scarred hands! 

My soul rejoice and sing,
Thy Father's glorious praise;
And let His precious love,
Employ thee all thy deas;
To save my soul from hell,
Was His eternal will;
And bless His precious name,
His purpose to fulfull.
He took the Lord, the great I AM,
And as a nail He fastened Him. 

When deep calls to deep,
And sins like mountains rise,
And the old prince of hell,
Says all the Bible's lies,
This nail is fastened, in my heart,
Nor wil it e'er, from me depart.

My wicked heart has said,
Again yea, and again,
That Christ my soul will leave,
To perish in my sin;
But though I feel as cold as clay,
He will not, cannot go, away. 

"My Soul Rejoice and Sing" by Red Mountain Music, taken from the Gadsby Hymnal #550



There are some people in this world that do not like surprises. I think they are crazy and missing out on a lot of fun. I love surprises!

I think I have mentioned this before, but I met my best friend and college roommate the first day of classes my freshman year at Auburn...Mr. Blaufarb's history class. We sat by each other...just a coincidence? I don't think so. Definitely the divine plan of the Lord. We've been BFF's ever since. Our friendship is a blessing from the Lord and very special...how many girls do you know that can live together, have the same major with ALL the same classes, go to the same church and have the same circle of friends and still get along with each other? I don't ever remember arguing or being mad at each other. Of course there were times that we were in bad moods, but we just left each other alone. We understood each other. I have countless memories with Allison that I will have to share at another time. Yesterday, I got one of the best surprises of my life. I was at work, it was almost time for my lunch break. I got a call in my classroom from the front office saying there was a lady coming to the door of my building and I needed to go let her in. You have to punch in a code to get in, so this isn't a weird situation at all. So, I go to the front door and wait for this so called lady to show up. As I push down on the handle, I nonchalantly think to myself, that looks like Allison. Like in a yeah whatever, she looks like Allison, so what, kind of way. Then I think she has Chick-fil-a in her hands, someone is getting a good lunch. Then, I realize that it IS Allison and I absolutely freak out, scream jump up and down and get a little teary eyed all at the same time! Then, I ask a really dumb question, "What are you doing here?" It was obvious what she was doing, I have just NEVER been so surprised in my life! She was the last person I expected to be walking through that door. She lives 4 hours away in Marietta. It's her spring break and she decided to spend part of it with me :) We ate lunch together then she hung out with me in my classroom until I got off work. She spent night and headed back home this morning. It was short, but very sweet and so wonderfully unexpected. I can't explain to you how blessed I am to have her as a friend. Since day one, she has been a faithful and commited friend and I hope I have been the same to her. I treasure our friendship and although it has changed since we graduated, it has only gotten stronger and closer. We talk 2-3 times a week for at least an hour. There was no mistake in us becoming friends. The memories I have of those 3 years that we lived together will always be cherished. And it's just the beginning. We have many years ahead of us and plenty more memories to make. I love you to the moon and back, Allison!
I also have to say thanks to my wonderful husband for arranging all of this and keeping it a secret! 


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