Facade Vocabulary

The best college professor I had was Mrs. Henderson (Dr. Henderson now). I had her twice for Reading Methods. I think I learned more in her two classes than I did in my entire college career combined. She told us once that she always pronounced the word facade as (faKAde...the /k/ sound with a long A) and no one ever corrected her. All she was doing was reading it as it is spelled. I'm not sure how often she used the word, but enough for it to be brought to her attention as she was giving a speech to her scholarly colleagues. She was mortified, there she was giving a speech about teaching reading and all the while she is pronouncing "facade" incorrectly. Have you ever realized that you have been pronouncing a word incorrectly or just altogether said it wrong? Here are a few words that I had a slight misunderstanding with. I call them my "facade vocabulary" because I always think of Mrs. Henderson. 

1. Wind Chill--referring to how cold it feels outside. Ok people, I just learned this one TODAY. I thought the word was "wind shield". I thought it was called that because the feel of your car's windshield is the same as the "windshield" temperature. Makes perfect sense to me.  
2. Chest of Drawers--referring to the tall thing in your bedroom that holds all of your clothes. Until a few years ago, I thought it was "chester drawers".
3. Stunt Double--the guy who fills in for you when you don't want to perform the stunt. This one is really funny to me because I thought it was "stunt devil". 

Apparently, #2 and 3 are common because my cousin Quinton had them wrong as well. 

So do you have a "facade vocabulary"? 


Allison said...

I am LITERALLY laughing out loud. I love, love, love #1, and I was the same way with #2. I also like how you say they're common misconceptions because you AND Quinton both thought those things. I have a facade vocabulary when it comes to songs...a LOT!

Random thoughts by Rebecca said...

Number one kills me. That is absolutely the funniest thing I've ever heard. I was the same with 2-3.

I didn't know until I was 18 or something that the "U" in "U-haul" referred to "YOU haul". haha.


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