ACA Official Members

That's right...Brent and I are now official members of the American Cornhole Association and we are getting a membership card to prove it. If you have no clue what I am talking about, go here to learn about the popular tailgating game that is sweeping the nation. If you've never played Cornhole, you've really missed out. Call us, we have a board and we would love to introduce you to the game. One of the benefits of becoming a member, other than costing nothing to join, is we get to host official Cornhole tournaments. Be practicing Twentysomething's, there may be a tournament coming your way! Also, here is a song dedicated to the game. Thanks Rod and Luke for the web suggestions! 

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The Langfords said...

FUN FUN!!! What do you guys think about "LLBC, Spring 2009, Cornhole Olympics"? Since you can host tournaments maybe you guys can head this one up.


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