More interviews

I have two more interviews this week. Both are for a 5th grade position, I think. Hopefully these interviews will be productive! The schools are about 30-40 minutes from my house. But, if I enjoy the job, then I don't mind the drive. I'll keep you posted.

It was brought to my attention at Bunko tonight that we haven't posted a "Would you rather?" in a while...

Would you rather live in a world without

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Rosie said...

Brittany, I just now got around to catching up on all of your latest blogs. My goodness, I think you need to go into writing, instead of teaching. They were so interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Your descriptions of your trip, your car, your interviews, etc. were like reading an exciting and interesting book. I am so glad I know how to get into and read your blogs. And, I am so thankful I have you for a granddaughter! I love you,
G. Rosie


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