The Chicken and Egg Festival

What a let down, the Chicken and Egg Festival was boring.  But...we were one of the first 250 people to ride the free shuttle so we got free admission!  We got there, walked around a little, shopped for some arts and crafts but didn't find anything worth buying, ate hand dipped corn dogs, watched an egg eating contest, then came home.  I don't know what we were expecting, but whatever it was, our expectations were not met. I wanted to see more chickens and more eggs...instead we some of Alabama's finest residents.  The one thing that made the festival exciting was meeting Brad Travis...a local chief meteorologist.  I have a student that LOVES him and wants to "beat him up and take his job one day." So, I got his signature for my student.  That was the only highlight of the day. Picture note...the one of Katie all by herself...the sign behind her says "This seat is designated for persons with disabilities."

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B&B said...

Katie is smiling like she actually belongs in the handicapped seat.


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